1602 LCD Keypad Characters Display Shield (29)

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This is a very popular LCD Keypad shield for Arduino board. It can be directly plugged on the Arudino board, no soldering or fly-wiring needed, it offer the 16×2 characters display and 6 buttons for Arduino.This Shield uses Arudino LCD4Bit library.

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  • Working voltage: 5 V
  • Working voltage logical conclusions: 5 V (taken from Arduino)
  • Five buttons featuring user
  • Built-in LCD display 2×16 characters with backlight blue
  • Displays a RESET button Arduino
  • Removed the pins of the Arduino digital and analog
  • Compatible with the standard Arduino LiquidCrystal library
  • Tile sizes: 80 x 58 mm


Trim for Arduino with popular LCD 2×16 character display and five buttons to the service user. The shield uses pins 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10. Reading of button state occurs through an analog signal, thanks to this decision all five buttons uses only one pin A0.


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